A neurobiological mechanism linking transportation noise to cardiovascular disease in humans


Chronic noise exposure associates with increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk; however, the role of confounders and the underlying mechanism remain incompletely defined. The amygdala, a limbic centre involved in stress perception, participates in the response to noise. Higher amygdalar metabolic activity (AmygA) associates with increased CVD risk through a mechanism involving heightened arterial inflammation (ArtI). Accordingly, in this retrospective study, we tested whether greater noise exposure associates with higher: (i) AmygA, (ii) ArtI, and (iii) risk for major adverse cardiovascular disease events (MACE). Read more.

Radioisotope couple for tumor diagnosis and therapy

Researchers at Kanazawa University report a promising combination of radioisotope-carrying molecules for use in radiotheranostics—a diagnosis and treatment approach based on the combination of medical imaging and internal radiation therapy with radioactive elements. Read more.

How prostate cancer cells mimic bone when they metastasize

Understanding this process could lead to innovative and improved therapies

Prostate cancer often becomes lethal as it spreads to the bones, and the process behind this deadly feature could potentially be turned against it as a target for bone-targeting radiation and potential new therapies. Read more.

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