Introducing the 32P BrachyPlaque™

P32 flim pics 016

Indicated for temporary intraoperative, interstitial, intracavitary
or surface application to treat selected localized tumors

  • Contains β-emitting 32Phosphorus with a specific activity between 1 and 4 mCi/cm2 with a maximum activity of 200 millicuries
  • FDA cleared
  • Flat flexible polymer film
  • Appropriate for exposed surface treatment
  • Sized from 10 x 10 mm to 50 x 100 mm
  • Can be cut by user to conform to specific treatment target
  • May be used in conjunction with other interventions such as external beam radiation therapy
  • May be used either as a primary treatment or as treatment for residual disease after excision of primary or recurrent tumors

Please contact us for more information about the 32P BrachyPlaque™ source.



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