6-OH-BTA-0 (5 mg)

Precursor for [N-Methyl-11C]-6-OH-BTA-1
Precursor for [O-Methyl-11C]-MeO-BTA-0
Product No.: AHB-95-0005

Product No.:AHB-95
CAS No.:178804-18-7

Product Name: 6-OH-BTA-0
Synonyms: 2-(4'-Aminophenyl)-6-hydroxybenzothiazole
CAS No.:  178804-18-7
Molecular Formula:  C13H10N2OS
Molecular Weight: 242.30
Application:   Precursor for [N-Methyl-11C]-6-OH-BTA-1 /
Precursor for [O-Methyl-11C]-MeO-BTA-0
Presentation:  Packaged in amber vials or amber screw-cap vials with teflon-coated stoppers under argon atmosphere

Storage and Stability

  • Store the product at -20 ℃, protected from light.
  • Short-term storage at higher temperatures does not affect product quality.


  • Complete documentation - Certificates of Analysis including testing reports of 1H-NMRand HPLC spectra for each shipment
  • Customized dispensing available


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  • Wilson A.A. et al. A rapid one-step radiosynthesis of the (-amyloid imaging radiotracer N-methyl-[11C]2-4'-methylaminophenyl)-6-hydroxybenzothiazole ([11C]-6-OH-BTA-1) J. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm. 2004, 47, 679-682.