FLB 457 (Custom Volume)

Reference standard for [11C]FLB457
Product No.: FLB-95-000X

FLB 457
Product No.:FLB-95
CAS No.:107188-74-9

Product Name: FLB 457
Synonyms: Benzamide, 5-bromo-2,3-dimethoxy-N-[(1-ethyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)methyl]-, (S)-; (-)-(S)-5-Bromo-2,3-dimethoxy-N-[(1-ethyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)methyl]-benzamide
CAS No.: 107188-74-9
Molecular Formula: C16H23BrN2O3
Molecular Weight: 371.27
Application: Reference standard for [11C]FLB 457 / Selective D2 receptor antagonist
Presentation: Packaged in amber vials or amber screw-cap vials with teflon-coated stoppers under argon atmosphere

Storage and Stability

  • Store the product at -20 ℃, protected from light.
  • Short-term storage at higher temperatures does not affect product quality.


  • Complete documentation - Certificates of Analysis including testing reports of 1H-NMR and HPLC spectra for each shipment
  • Customized dispensing available


  • Langer O. et al. A General Method for the Synthesis of Raclopride, FLB 457 and Epidepride and Corresponding Desmethyl-Precursors. J. Labelled Compd. Radiopharm. 1999, 42, S366-S368. Abstract of the XIIIth International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (St Louis 1999).
  • Hoegberg T. et al. Potential Antipsychotic Agents. 7. Synthesis and Antidopaminergic Properties of the Atypical Highly Potent (S)-5-Bromo-2,3-dimethoxy-N-[(1-ethyl-2- pyrrolidinyl)methyl]-benzamide and Related Compounds - A Comparative Study. J. Med. Chem. 1990, 33, 2305-2309.