Latchkey Beta/Gamma Syringe Shield™ - 10 cc

Tungsten/Acrylic. 31 x 76 mm - Net weight 0.41 kg
Product No.: 600292
The only full-length syringe shield that covers the entire length of the syringe barrel and attaches securely with a simple latchkey – ideal for unit-dose users. Outstanding design: no screws, pins or springs to break or strip out – just a simple twist into the latchkey holds the syringe firmly. Fully exposed needle hub allows visual checking for correct venous insertion prior to injection. Permits use of three-way stopcocks. Available with or without a window – in 3-, 5- and 10-cc sizes – to fit BD syringe. Terumo Syringe is available in a 2.5-cc size. Models with windows have a large, optically polished window allowing maximum light entry; reflective white barrel lining makes viewing syringe contents easy. Models without windows have no lead glass window to crack or fog, just solid tungsten for maximum shielding – great for unit dose users.